Thursday, June 7, 2012

TUNAGE. Drop the Lime / Icona Pop / Chew Lips / Fun. / Herve feat. Ronika / Sleigh Bells

I'm back to blogging, and I'm gunna keep it up all freaking summer long - and I'm going to hound ALL of you creatures with music until you can't take me anymore. SO prepare ye way for some tasty tunage.

Let us get started.

Drop the Lime - Bandit Blues

I think the reason I'm so deeply infatuated with this song is because it sounds so awfully similar to Ram Jams' "Black Betty." There is something illicit, dirty, exciting and strangely southern about "Bandit Blues." The video could use some work, I don't understand what this trashy sexual girl nonsense is, but it takes the level of the song down just a bit. Anyway, the song itself rules. Play it loudly.

Icona Pop - I Love It

Icona Pop has a very special musical ability to make people want to forget every single responsibility they have and go out and wreak havoc. This song in particular is one of their best, it's a super loud and blood pumping song about indulging in the greatest reckless moments. Play this with your windows down in the hot hot sun and blast it. Check out this sweet article some super fancy chick wrote about them HERE.
Icona Pop is playing Glasslands Gallery in Brooklyn on June 22!!! Biggest dance party ever.
Chew Lips - Do You Chew

Speaking of songs that make you feel reckless, this would be one as well. I definitely jammed to this when I was walking down the streets of the city one night, felt completely untouchable. And then the song ended and I realized I had walked just about 3 blocks too far.
Fun. - Some Nights

My friend and I were talking about how we wanted to rent an old school convertible and take a sweet roadtrip to California, and she showed me the Fun. album and we decided that they would be on our playlist for this make believe journey. The harmonies in this song are absolutely prime, and then to add that almost tribal sounding drum beat!? Be still my heart! I will stand on top of a tall building and sing at the top of my lungs to this song.

Herv feat. Ronika - How Can I Live Without You

This song is as if 1976 met1994 and introduced them to the 2012 electro scene. I can't quite decide what this song does to me, except confuse me a little. But there's nothing wrong with a little loud confusion! Her voice is strong, and those low killer beats just slay ya right in the core.

Sleigh Bells - Demons (Diplo Remix)

OK I'm not gunna lie, I can probably take about :50 of Sleigh Bells until I get a gnarly headache and have to stop the noise, but because our good friend Dippy took the time to get on this track, I had to give it a shot. It's better. It's still too much, but it's almost a good 'too much.' I can now get about 1:50 into the song without blood streaming from my ears. 

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