Thursday, June 7, 2012



I figured instead of writing a new post, I would steal my own from I wrote this post before I had the opportunity to see them live @ Glasslands Gallery. They were really, really awesome live. However, we get that you're from Brooklyn. But in case we were wondering, your ombred pink & blue hair, beaded crop top, leopard high waisted skirt, polka dot ripped tights and studded creepers definitely could lend us a hand. Also, don't "only check your twitter feed on writeups about you." Use all of your resources, you aren't that big yet. 

MSMR - Bones

I mean it just strikes that ever brooding dark chord that we all have hidden somewhere deep within our souls. The lyrics are absolutely brilliant, her voice is stunning, and the dark piano keys and light violin just take the song to an even darker attraction. 

MSMR - Hurricane

Same thing. Except this song has a little more sad desperation in it (not in a negative way at all.) A really sad,  honest desperation through song. The first time I heard this song, I think I may have cried from the toll it took on my heart. This song is a prime example of why I love to do what I do. Excellent. 

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