Sunday, April 25, 2010

being alone with words is dangerous

i've noticed this thing about myself and it's a little bit scary. i'm not quite sure how to handle it, but its consuming me, my time, and my thoughts. i've noticed i've been leaving social gatherings early in time to get home to partake in this new obsession that i have. i read. books. i've never been so into reading in my entire life. but i have become completely comforted by them, soothed by them, and involved in them. nothing to me sounds better than coming home from a 12 hour work day and laying down and reading. all i ever want to do is sit in the park, in the warm days we've been having, and crack open a book and read. i've said no to going out to bars with the like...four people i know in this town, and i am completely comfortable in my nook of the house with my stories. i think a lot of it is because i dont want to deal with the drama and people now that i'm home. being home is hard enough, being away from people sucks, and i used to get depressed from being along all the time, but its so different this time. i love being alone. im working, doing my thing, obsessing over my music, writing my brain off, and reading. it's amazing. and i'm totally fine. it makes going out that much better, and appreciating the city so much more...and i dont know why. like i get a different view on everything after i read a book. my dreams are even more vivid, and my vocabulary becomes so much more extensive. i sort of feel like that cliche lonely gir in highschool who only has her books, and it kind of pisses me off thats how i feel, cause thats super lame, but its true and i can't help it.

i wish everyone would read more, it opens your imagination so much and everything becomes so much more beautiful. my writing becomes so much more articulate, and so much more frequent. then i just get this massive sense of release that i used to get in other ways, worse ways, but this feeling of release is so much better, and so much safer. follow me in my reading journey, friends. meet me under the tree in the park, bring a book, and read. lets all do it together.


  1. "Learn as much as you can

    Read a book, watch less TV

    It's worth it in the end

    Just take a look at me" -born ruffians "foxes mate for life"

    check them out theyre great. love you, love books.

  2. I'm so proud of you. I'm really glad you are reading. I thought you were the 'bad influence' on me, but I guess it's the other way around :p This was an awesome post, except for the part where you called me super lame.