Sunday, April 25, 2010

Walter Fox - Arrythmia / Pinecones

OKAY. i have been trying to get these songs up for quite some time now, but the internet just wasnt agreeing with me on anything so it took me a long time. ANYWAYS, this is my good friend Walter Fox. he's away in america right now. i wish i was with him experiencing the country right now. he's beautiful, his music is beautiful, and i miss him. and weird thing about his music is that i normally hate acoustic slow stuff, but this shit is on repeat over and over again. i love his voice, and i love his creativity. please enjoy my friends, this is some amazing music.

miss you, walter dear. get real.

Walter Fox - Arrythmia

Walter Fox - Pinecones
(this song is so animal collective-esque. but by one man, amazing)

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