Sunday, July 4, 2010

Modern Day Pen Pals

So my long lost best friend who I never got to say goodbye to and I have been emailing lately, mostly due to the fact that I currently have no cellphone, facebook, ...anything. I like emailing. It's like a pen pal...via computer...
Anyway, I like what we write about. I like how she can understand my crude, dark and honest words, and have the same type of writing. Ps-I basically copied her post. Por ejemplo..

Her:“I can’t put my life on hold for all the bullshit because it would never start up again. Selfish my ass. I’ve been rock bottom before and I’ve decided it’s an illusion. You can pull yourself out just as fast as you can throw yourself back in. But I also think happiness is an illusion and love is an illusion and I always like the ‘idea’ of guys because I won’t let my mind play games on me when I’m probably the one playing games on my mind. If you followed that, then you are definitely my friend."

Me:"Oh, i most definitely followed that. [excess nonsense that is not legal for me to put on here] i figured itd be better to get out then bottled up with my emotions in my room channeling sylvia plath and writing out the blackness in my journal. ill email you when im home. love you to the moon and back. "

Her:"I'm gonna go listen to this Ed hardy and tribal tattoo people talk about things I don't care about. Love you a million times more than these stupid people. And then some."

I miss her. I miss us. I wish you werent all the way across the country. Make it to NYC sooner than sept so we can reunite sooner than later.
ps-I dont like being found either.


  1. Allie, you should tell your friend who is in LA to meet up with Pat Short (not sure if you remember him) but he went to Ridgefield High and he's in Westwood for the summer.

  2. please call tonight its my last night in my house in ridgefield id like it if you came by.

    love b