Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Stolen Roses

I came to a final conclusion today about why I get so angry and bitter at the world. A lot of people just think I'm really negative, which I totally am, and that I have this awful outlook on life, but today, I noticed...that it's because I don't cry.
Something upset me today pretty bad, but since I never want to cry or be sad or look like a dramatic waste in front of anyone, I just get angry, and I internalize everything. I let it sit inside of me for too long so then I just become mad. I'm mad. I'm mad at a lot of things, a lot of situations, and a lot of people. When I was walking from work to the bar, I had my ipod on, listening to Karen Elson, and Stolen Roses came on. I never really listened to the lyrics, but my oh my, she explains my thoughts perfectly.
I really love her music also. I would think it would be hard to be married to a man like Jack White, who's just so genius in everything he does, but...she holds her end pretty well, has really dark and creative lyrics, and actually has a beautiful voice.

Karen Elson - Stolen Roses

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