Monday, July 12, 2010

Random Thought of the Day

Lately I've been trying to keep quite. I still don't have a cellphone, a facebook, I don't really hang out with anyone at home. 10% of this is because a certain woman told me I should be more prudent towards people ? (apparently I'm supposed to be completely introverted), so I bought into it for a minute, and for the past month or so I've stayed low key.
I'm done with it.
How the hell did I make all of my friends in Atlanta, NYC, and other random connections? By hiding myself in a closet? Nope. By going out of my way to talk to people anywhere. I have this thing with smokers too, I've found you can have some of the best conversations in smoking sections. So I'll occasionally ask someone I see for a cigarette and end up striking up a fantastic conversation. I think it's actually a good trait that I have. A lot of people arent capable of just going up to people and talking, and I am. And even if I may seem forward or whatever, I'm making friends. I'd be a lonely girl in that big ol' city if I stayed to myself. Now I'm not saying that I am annoying and just run up to someone random and ask them their name, but at a concert, or bar, I'll definitely let anyone talk to me, and talk back.
So to you stuck up closed off people, sorry I have skills in being personable. I'm making more connections then you are.

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