Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dark Beautiful Fall Music

I've been trying to find comfort in air conditioning since we get no brisk weather here. I know I keep talking about how we don't have Autumn, but you don't understand how much that bothers me. I can't even wear my long black skirt with my combat boots and flannel UGH, and I can't wear jackets and all black outside or else I melt. But I'm finding ways to create my own season, by watching movies that take place in fall, like Teen Witch, and rewatching fall fashion week, and most of all, listening to music that makes me want to play in a graveyard.

DoRION feat. Brad Thomas Ackley - Somewhere (feat. Jenny O)

Definitely my favorite song right now. It was the song featured in the WildFox Couture video below, and I found the full mp3, and I'm beyond in love. It's so haunting, it's so creepy, it's so mysterious. It leaves me with the same feeling I had when I first found Owen Pallets remix to Your Ex-Lover is dead. Ugh, I love finding music that makes me create stories in my mind.

The Good Natured - Prisoner

Can't get more in touch with the leaves more than listening to the CRANBERRIES! This isnt the Cranberries but listen to the chorus...totally reincarnated. Love it.

CocoRosie - Werewolf

Ahh, CocoRosie, can't put a pretty voice down. The Omega remix is sick too, which I will add right now..
CocoRosie - Werewolf (OMEGA remix)

Bon Iver - Skinny Love

Mad old, but mad beautiful. Every time I hear it I want to spin, stop eating, or cry. I usually just spin around...

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  1. so true about the cranberries.

    linger came on when we were eating somewhere and of course i started singing at the top of my lungs/dancing around.