Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Alright so I've been depriving myself of writing, reading, listening for so long specifically because this school is kicking my ass. I skipped out on going to Miami last weekend because I had a paper due that Monday, and God even knows if I passed. So I'm vicariously living through dance music and old pictures of me partying and just raving alone in my head. I found some tight tunes that I let go to in my room, and I suggest you do the same. Actually, dance for me cause I'm not going to be able to for a long long while.

Swedish House Mafia - Miami 2 Ibiza

My brother and I are going to Ibiza. We don't know when yet, but when we do, we probably won't come back. Get ready, Jameson, our time is coming.

Tim Turbo - Hush (Iggy, Iggy)

This song is sooo much fun to dance to. The video on APC threw me off a bit and I couldn't get into the song, which just reiterates my idea that the first time you listen to a song you should watch NO video with it. But then I played it again and as soon as that beat comes through...I couldn't help but get outta my head.

Plan B - The Recluse

I was just casually browsing through hypem not thinking I'd actually find anything, until this bad boy dropped. Oh my goodness.

Radiohead - Pyramid Song (ZEBsDEAD remix)

I was playing my hypem stream at a party a couple weeks ago, and I found this song on my first page. TOTALLY forgot about this song and as soon as it came back on I re-fell in love.

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  1. the same thing happened to me with that radiohead remix. that plan b ditty is dope too.