Wednesday, September 1, 2010


DUST :: Part I from MANIAMANIA on Vimeo.

DUST :: Part II from MANIAMANIA on Vimeo.

I never blog about fashion. And I don't intend to keep this up, but this company is so kick ass. Not only is their jewlery rockin in every sense, but the promo vids they have for it are amazing. Bambi Northwood-Blyth acts as a lost and lonely rock and roller, and is so beautiful. I love music and videos that remind me to continue being hard core and messy. That's the only way I can describe it. If you know me, you'll get what I mean by that. Anyway, check out their website, and check out the other vids and jewelry. Honestly some of the best rings I've seen in a long while. Maniamania.

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