Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Music Music Music

Holy Ghost - Static On the Wire (RAC Remix)

Underworld - Always Loved A Film (AmpLive Remix)

I love AmpLive remixes. His remixes of Radiohead and Why? songs are unreal. The guy who does these remixes is actually the other part of Zion I, who I used to be obsessed with in highschool. I should throw up some old Zion I songs....

Gravitonas - Religious

The one person who understood my complete and full on religion...I don't think deserves to know much about me anymore.
I love love love this song. And...I'm not sure if that makes me a heathen or what...
It's hard for people who aren't practicing to find the religious meaning in songs that sound completely nonreligious. I could write poem after poem about giving high fives to the devil while looking at Jesus, feeling consumed by dark, suicidal and pessimistic thoughts, and that sounds 100% anti-Catholic, right? Wrong. That's because I try to be so strong in my faith, and I struggle with the idea of turning the dark down. My inspiration comes from the struggle for the light and free, the happy and optimistic. And sometimes the complete comfort I feel in sadness scares me, because it's so easy for me to produce good writing, good lyrics, good style.

Still working on finding the day.

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  1. Awesome music selections!!! Love updating my iPod...thanks Allie "I miss NY" Baughwoman