Saturday, September 4, 2010


I'm in my dancey techno mood again! I've been out of it for a minute because I got really into the whole "Chief" and "hipster alt" vibe. (That was for you, Lindsay). But I'm back dancing in my room alone because I have no friends who will dance with me. And I suppose this is also inspired by the fact that Electric Zoo is today and I'm missing it. :'( Ugh I get so upset thinking about missing that. Although, I did just see the lineup for Ultra, and I almost cried because of how good it is. So I'm preparing early, and trying to get the best danceable music I can find. I also miss that feeling I can get with a massive drop, because I have been so consumed in my homework and work at school. What a loserrrr.
Here's the rad new tunage! Enjoy, kids.

Logan Lynn - Velocity

I love Logan Lynn with all my heart. After Feed me to the Wolves, I just couldn't ever get enough of him. And he follows me on twitter. Rad.

Benny Benassi - Love is Gunna Save Us (Stephan Jacobs Remix)

Get excited for this one.

Bendj feat. Sushi - Me and Myself (Wolfgang Gartner Remix)

Thanks for this one, B.

Usher - DJ's Got Us Falling In Love Again (HYPERCRUSH remix)

Shank ya Linz.


  1. you're always welcome. music sharing is fun.

    i have just recently gotten back into the techno dancystuffz again too...probably because everyone just left and i am alone.

    music sharing is fun. still making you an email full of good music. until then...peace.

    stop stealing bikes...such bad karma.

  2. i gave the bike was just for a ride.

    are you wasted?

  3. LOL. Just wanna say nice blog! & I love your style (both clothing and this blog) .

    Also great taste in music!
    Feel free to follow me as well, ;]
    take care!