Monday, November 28, 2011

The Darker Ones Florence and the Machine / Yelawolf feat. FeFe Dobson / Nadia Ali / Alex Clare / CSS

Florence and the Machine - No Light, No Light (Breakage Remix)

As I have said many times before, the best remixes stem from any Florence and the Machine song. As soon as I heard this, chills completely covered my body and I immediately wanted to do something illegal. It's been a while since I've heard such a dark re-edit, and this song is absolutely perfect for it. The bridge is undoubtedly the best part of the song, the instrumentals get raised up and then that extremely low synth cuts in and just makes the song purely raw. Perfection.

Yelawolf feat. FeFe Dobson - Animal (Produced by Diplo)

Saw FeFe Dobson on the track, saw that Diplo produced it, and I immediately gave it a go. And it did not fail me one bit. I'm always pretty hesitant about any Yelawolf track because I usually just can't stand rap, but this here is one hell of a fun song. The beat is exactly what you would expect knowing that Diplo had something to do with it, and knowing that FeFe Dobson is back up and running just makes it that much better.

CSS feat. Ssion - City Grrrl

CSS will always have a remotely special place in my heart because no female can get as badass as she is. This song is the EPITOME of what I used to write about when I worked in NYC. The city has a special gift of making people want to be anything but good. It makes people want to get into trouble, wear a lot of black and ripped lace, and be unnecessarily angry. It's so great. And CSS completely captured that feeling in this one banger track. The beat in the chorus is fantastic and makes the point of the song come through so much louder. However, this Ssion that is on this sounds like a toned down Jeffry Star, so that automatically threw me off a bit, but...I liked the message too much to be affected by such a small detail. Heads up girl, you can rule this place.

Alex Clare - Caroline

The other songs I have from Alex Clare are fantastic remixes that darken the song just to how I like it. This is absolutely dark enough for my taste without any outside influence. You all know how much I love the piano, and when it's played like this with an overlaying beat and his unique voice, mmm so good.

Spencer Hill feat. Nadia Ali - Believe It (CAZETTE Androids Sound Hot Remix)

This would seem a little lighter than the occurring theme I have throughout this post. But something about this beat makes it fit into this category so well. I'm really starting to like this Nadia Ali girl. Her music is finding it's way into a nice little nook into my iTunes. Anyway, Cazette did a really good job editing this song.

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  1. I love that you just featured Yelawolf. thatisall.