Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Radical Face

Sometimes EDM becomes a little too much, and you need music that brings you back down to reality. When this rare situation occurs, I usually head to Massive Attack, Portishead or Agnes Obel for some down to Earth tunes. But just the other day I downloaded Radical Faces (Ben Cooper) new album Family Tree: The Roots and falling in love doesn't even begin to describe my feelings towards his music. This man is one word: brilliant.This is some of the most beautiful, depressing, haunting but tangible music I have ever laid my ears on. Please do yourselves a favor and dwell in the lonely emotions of your soul during these bleak days before Christmas. This album for sure wins the award for best pre-Christmas album. Allow me to introduce you...

Radical Face - Kin

This song brought tears to my eyes the very first time I heard it. The storm in the beginning leads to a solemn anthem of wonder and the dark piano that comes later absolutely tore my heartstrings out. This song is the definition of sublime. How is such a grizzly mans voice so unbelievably beautiful? Blows me away.

Radical Face - Black Eyes

A much more folky sound is absolutely approved of. Somehow Ben Cooper never ever fails to hit every single heart wrenching note in his songs. You know there are those songs where you say "oh I wish they went up an octave here" or "they should have had a low piano riff here"...he hits all of them perfectly.

Radical Face - Welcome Home

This is from his previous album Ghost, which is the song I heard on an episode of Skins UK when I had nothing better to do with my nights that I spent alone over the summer. The chorus elevates and explodes into a symphony of his voice. And for some reason whenever an artist has clapping throughout their songs, it excites the audience a bit when they hear it and we all just want to sing along so badly.

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