Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Moody Tunes : Agnes Obel / The Jezabels / Zebra and Snake / Owen / James Blake / Radical Face

Agnes Obel - Riverside

I have a group (trillion) of songs under a specific playlist that I hold very dear to my heart and ears, I've shared some of them, they're the ones that you can listen to while not doing anything, yet the song is able to do so much in your head. This song by Agnes Obel is without a doubt one of them. Her voice is innocent and helpless, the piano is haunting, and the overall tone of it is nothing but complete beauty.

Radical Face - Pound of Flesh

Ben Cooper is possibly my newest go-to artist when I'm feeling a little off. This song was the first I had heard from him, but after sleuthing a bit, I decided that I love him. His song 'Ghost Towns' is gorgeous, as well. There is not one fault in the entirety of this song. There are so many songs that are almost there, but they take the wrong octave direction and it throws you off a bit...this one, not at all. The chorus is beautiful, his voice is adorable, and the lyrics are brilliant. Perfect for the fall season.

The Jezabels - Try Colour

Cranberries. Was that your first thought when you listened to it, too? Cause it was definitely mine. This song is so different than what I would normally post, but those drums sucked me right into her unbelievable voice. I haven't heard a range like that from a new artist in quite a while. The chorus is so tastey, and her voice is for sure what makes this song.

Zebra & Snake - Empty Love

MY BOYS! Zebra and Snake I have missed you guys for far too long. I love their music when I'm driving or I'm just having a lazy morning and lying in my bed. Everything they produce is so fresh and so exciting. You can always count on the end of the song to just explode with musical colour, and they do not fail you on this one, even though it's just an empty love song...

Owen - Too Many Moons

The violins in this song is what captivated me. It totally reminds me of that song 'Ra Ra Riot' remix of Absofacto titled 'Each Year.' Those little songs that just make you overly happy, and then you get mad because you don't want to be. Listen to the plucking throughout this song, it's marvelous. Major kudos.

James Blake - The Wilhelm Scream

Oh my goodness this has been lost in my iTunes forever. I can't believe I have never put this up, but this song is so subtly sexy, and I can't wait to listen to it in an apartment in the city late at night looking out at all the lights. His voice is so unique, and those water sounds that replay throughout the song are magical.

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