Monday, November 7, 2011

Kaskade / The Golden Filter / Avicii / Celebrity Murder Party

Kaskade feat. Haley - Llove

For sure my favorite song of these past couple weeks. Kaskade is on a freaking role lately. As soon as I saw that he did a song with Haley I knew it would get me, she did that song 'Only You' with Tiesto a couple of years ago that still rips my heart out to this day. This one has that longing synth right in the chorus that takes your breath right away. And her voice is just so breathily melancholic. I really can't say enough amazing things about this song, except that it makes me want to be alone somewhere far away and very, very dark.

The Golden Filter - Kill Me

I know I am pounding The Golden Filter down your throats but this one may have just beaten out 'Mother' for my top fave. There is that little twinkle of a sound that throws the song out of reality and into some dream like's brilliant, really. Such simple beats to start with, then her voice just rings you in and then they just release that hefty beat on you around 2:55. Killer.

Avicii - Fade Into Darkness

My brother sent me the video to this song originally, and I was a bit skeptical at first, but after 76 views of the video because the girl in it is five lbs and super blonde and gorgeous, I fell in love. Also, the lyrics just hit that little secret bit of depression we all have lingering, we all know that we want to fade into darkness sometimes.

Celebrity Murder Party - Raindance

Super random raver status tune. Kind of has a 70's beginning beat to it, then it transitions to this trancey super danceable tune that I can not stop bobbing my head to.

Kaskade feat. Skylar Grey - Room for Happiness

I could probably say the exact same amount of good things about this song as I did the last Kaskade song. I've heard this Skylar Grey girl on some other track with Eminem or something, and I remember liking very much what I heard. And she totally does not disappoint in this song one bit, her voice is beautiful, the vocal range is way too high for a normal person, and Kaskade's beat is absolutely soothing.

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