Monday, November 21, 2011

Rebecca & Fiona

I have a really unhealthy, completely addictive obsession with Rebecca and Fiona. After finding them through Kaskade's song 'Turn it Down,' I have dedicated the past couple weeks to downloading absolutely everything they have put out. I kind of want to be them. DJs. Females. Swedish. Gorgeous. They are absolutely the alpha female, everything that I want to be. But since that is impossible, I will do the next best thing; write and blog the shit out of them.
If you aren't familiar with 'Turn it Down,' I will provide you with the means to a really exciting end.

I also was able to get their album, 'I Love You Man.' This is the best album I have heard in a while, probably because it was so highly anticipated in my head and heart, but it succeeded in being successful in my book.

Some of my favorites from their album.

Rebecca and Fiona - Giliap

By far my favorite from the album. This song is the definition of the background music to when I go to my happy place.

Rebecca and Fiona - Jane Doe

Beat is absolutely fantastic, also have a really weird Swedish Harajuku video to match. Watch it HERE.

Rebecca and Fiona - We Are Girls

Okay the beat right before chorus is absolutely wonderful, but it reminds me so much of some computer game, can ANYONE think of what it is? It's driving me insane. Also, think musically when they say "we still want to play," it makes the song a little bit better. This better inspire a ton of female DJs...

Rebecca and Fiona - Golden Gate

And if all of that isn't enough, here is a documentary my brothers friend found. I can't understand Swedish for the life of me, but it's whatever because they are just so aesthetically pleasing in themselves, and I want their hair and all of their clothes. I'm also going to start wearing blue lipstick.

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