Wednesday, January 27, 2010

really, label me.

being at home on break took a little too much out of me. as much as i love my family, i can only be home for so long. going home eats part of my soul every single time i step across those lines...but thats another post, for another time. so this break, was wayyy too long, and i just wanted to get back to atlanta. now that im back, i dont know how i feel. i mean, i love atlanta, and my friends there so so much, and i consider it my home, but sometimes i just feel...alone. then i remember i have school in another town... which is whole other life.
i hate being back at school. this town is the most boring, unaccepting place ive ever been graced with living in. i dont even feel comfortable in my own living arrangements. my new suitemate decided that koala bears, glitter seals, and butterflies are necessary in our bathroom and shower. just for an example. but anyways, ive been doing really well here the past couple semesters, after having an extremely rough first few semesters. but as soon as i got back on campus this time, i could tell it was going to be a rough time. for some reason, people here just DONT get me. or like me. or...want anything to do with me. and im usually really upset by the fact that all 150 kids here at school judge me, and talk about me. but...ive decided i kind of like it. label me. talk about me. spread rumors. be as mean and judgemental as you want to me. it doesnt bother me anymore. i know that you have no idea what you are talking about, youre just bored with your life so you make up stuff about mine. your actions are just going to lead me to be alone, JUST like it did freshman year, where i can learn even more about myself. and learn that you all are just a bunch of fake, judgemental, hypocritical catholics. you are the type of person that give our religion such a bad name. but in the long run, i dont have to answer to any of you.
what used to bother me the most about it, is that you dont even give me a chance to speak. you dont care at all what i have to say, or what i think about anything. maybe when i try to go out of my way to be accepted by you, you should...accept. no? just thought id throw it out there. but in all seriousness, thank you. this makes me learn so much more about myself, and it lets my imagination grow to the max.
i now have 4 imaginary friends.

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