Friday, January 8, 2010

Marina and The Diamonds - Hollywood (Fenech Soler remix)

okay this song is the shit. one of those songs where when the beat drops you don't even know what to do with yourself because you get so excited. the original is pretty awesome too, and marina is totally hot, anddd it the video is strangely intruiging.


here is the video.

watching this video actually made me think a lot about america. and how much im embarrassed by it. not only embarrassed by who is currently in charge of our country....(i wont even get into my politcal opinions), or by shows on television like 'jersey shore', dear God that show is unbelievable...but im disgusted by the things people will do for fame and fortune, how unethical and money hungry people have become, and how sloppy everything is. the obesity epidemic disgusts me too. not because i hate fat people, (i know how you people think), but because of the laziness and lack of drive people have. now, im sure this happens in different countries as well, but america seems to pinpoint that main mentality. and a joke. i feel as though you would just get lost in the media and what other people want from you and youll end up losing yourself. how many stories have you heard about people who became famous and lost themselves....? then i think about how like...i feel like america has no culture. sure like the wars and 1776 and the declaration and all that, but other countries culture is SO much cooler. i was watching this video with my brother, he had a super good point. where else in the world are you going to find jocks, cheerleaders, red white and blue, and varsity jackets? sure i hate all that shit, but seriously it is kinda cool to think that america started that. like you turn on that video and you can just tell its portraying america. even the house in the beginning. its like a plantation house, and thats totally american. i dont know if what im trying to get across is making sense, but its just kinda weird to think that stuff like that originated in america. and its kinda cool, and it ALMOST makes me appreciate pigtails, varsity jackets, and uncle sam a little bit more.

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