Monday, January 4, 2010

the XX chromosomes

i wasnt going to do it. i really told myself i wouldnt, but seeing more of you on facebook...i just have to. if i havent made it clear by now, im not the biggest proponent of the greek life. or....any large groups of preppy boys or more than 5 girls at a time for that matter. it's almost like there is this unwritten code for sororities that you MUST be false to join. im still trying to understand it. i guess sororities are just...the only option for insecure girls who cant make friends on their own.

actually, im gunna switch it up a bit. im going to just talk about girls in general. sororoties take it to another level, yes, but its not fair to call out sororities like that. just the people ive encountered in them havent been the best. but its really just...girls. they suck. we are a jealous, manipulative, deceiving, insecure breed, and i can honestly say that i hate girls. what is it about girls that they have to be so damn fake and insecure? a night in at home and i gander through some facebook pics, and im pretty positive that 4 out of the 6 girls you are kissing and hugging in pictures, you talked massive shit about. if youre going to talk shit in the first least follow through.... do you realize that the chick next to you is hooking up with your boyfriend? or that the little angel to the left actually just spread a rumor that you cheated on your boyfriend with hers? and im almost certain the girl you are taking a shot slept with her boyfriend. hell, im pretty sure you have slept with every ones of those girls boyfriends, or brothers. because it makes you feel better about yourself, right? you cant have real friends or guys who treat you decent because you are too fake and promiscuous to do so. soooo you sleep around and ruin peoples livs to fill that hole. due to the fact that you cant be seen as real person, you throw on this award winning facade, but what you dont know, is that everyone can see right through you.

i guess i just dont understand why you do this to yourself. do you go to bed happy knowing that you are a completely false person? does that make you sleep better at night? its so messed up in my mind. JUST BE REAL. whats the harm in that? if youre you then youll learn so much more about yourself.

I AM NOT JUDGING YOU. i actually do know that youre being fake. to those who think im being rude or judgemental, im not, its true. this is what happens. and im calling you out. if its what you like to do, and you are happy with yourself, then that is great.

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  1. i am aware that this is an angry unchristian post. just let me vent. its how i feel toward our gender. dont hate.