Saturday, January 30, 2010

miss america, the role model of our day.

just a recap of some awesome, intelligent, inspiring words, from our MISS AMERICA PAGEANTEES.

"we love to have fun! we're real people too"
youre not that famous where people think you may not be real. ...even though you look like you are made of plastic...

after being asked why they should choose them as our miss america: "i think i should be chosen for your miss america because my last name is 'treat', and ill be a real treat."
...i mean...

and my personal favorite: "i'm actually pro life, however, i do believe a woman should have a choice."
CLEARLY you arent really pro life, because that would make you pro choice. hence the word...'choice'. idiot.

it's like watching a giant sorority compete for a crown, but, act like they are all really happy for each other every time one of them gets called for the next top number...when we all know what they actually do to each other back stage. they even have a 'little sister program.' lame. i will say though, the talent section was cool. they actually had some serious talent, whether it was being a baller ballerina, jazz dancer, singer, or pianist. they were all prettttty good.
but seriously though, just one question: does it hurt to be that fake?

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