Sunday, January 31, 2010

"don't give people the bullets to shoot you with"

a very wise priest once told me "don't give people the bullets to shoot you with." it took me until just about now to realize what that meant. i'm sure it can be taken in many different ways, but the way i have come to understand it is that...
people can shoot you ALL they want. take shots whenever they want, but you cant let them have the bullets to kill you. now, i can go a couple ways with this. one way is to say that you shouldnt let people bring you down, dont let people get to you. and im sure thats exactly what it means, however, ill take it to an extreme and go with...vulnerability. the more vulnerable you make yourself to someone, the easier they can kill you. now, im sure this is a negative way to think about things, but in reality, it is true. the more you let your guard down, and become open for someone, the more bullets you give to them. then when you think your safe, youre being shot in the back with what YOU let them have. people can and will take stabs at all times. why? i dont know. maybe it makes them feel powerful, that you are now powerless.
now, im not saying you should have an iron fortress around your heart like i do, but...keep yourself close to yourself. dont let other people in unless they really deserve it. or if you do, make sure that you are strong enough to be able to recover from that bullet wound. your the only person who will understand/get/fully appreciate yourself. just something to think about...

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  1. I think you're looking at that the wrong way; it's not about whether or not you make yourself vulnerable, but about whether or not you go around doing things for which people can validly criticize you. It isn't caring what other people think, necessarily, except insofar as what they think is correct.