Thursday, March 4, 2010

DJ Maggie-Paris Blah Blah

this is fun. fun song. fun mashup. fun fun fun. kesha, im indifferent about you, you sold out a little bit. i noticed that your hair is brushed, and dyed slightly blonder. you were cool cause you looked like me, but...i dont know how if i can condone your new found diva ways. and your voice is kind of obnoxious. whatever, you're fun to watch. anyways, its dj maggie's straight mashup of dj infernal's 'paris to berlin' and ke$ha's blah blah blah. they fit so well. makes you wanna dance. and dj maggie's mashes are sooo killer. here is her blog.

Paris Blah Blah from dj maggie on Vimeo.

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