Wednesday, March 10, 2010

modifying the memory

ive realized throughout my life that a lot of times, i stop listening to songs because it will remind of me of some disant memory that will just allow bad/sad/happy memories back in my head. today a song came on my itunes, and its a song that i get an incredible feeling with, but i remembered who shared it with me, and i immediately felt weird listening to it. but then i thought, wait, this isnt fair, i like how this song makes me feel and i cant let a low situation with this person determine what i feel when i listen to a specific song. so today i figured that you can make the song your own. now, i always say to make the music yours, but when it brings back memories or makes you sad, you have the ability to warp the mind to make the song your very own. create a new memory. create a new situation. now, because i happen to struggle with problem a lot, ive created alliterations to help myself do this.
//modify the memory and make the music my own//
//shape the situation and shift the song alongside your soul//

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  1. See, you should be an English major.