Saturday, March 13, 2010

the literature of the new age

one of my favorite things to do is go to either borders or barnes and nobles, and just sit there for hours reading random books and poems. so yesterday, my friends and i decided we were in that mood, and we were literally in barnes&nobles until they kicked us out, 2 1/2 hours later. i found the complete works of lewis carrol that kept me occupied for some time, my brother read me a bunch of tim burtons poetry, and i dabbled in some silvia plath as well. it was me and 5 other guys, and we all were in different sections, finding interesting unpopular books, and as soon as we found something worth sharing, wed congregate and have story time. it was a good, good time, i could have honestly sat in there all night long. unfortunately, my tales of this quality time in the bookstore arent all that exemplary.

as i was in the magazine section reaching over some magazines to obtain the NYLON i wanted, i knocked over a maxim. as i picked it up, i noticed that one of the main articles was called "how to cheat and not get caught: 10 of your best tips". well, i thought it was a joke, so i opened to the page...and i could not believe my eyes. it was seriously, 10 tips on how to cheat on your spouse without getting caught. like, it was a legitimate article. HOW TO CHEAT ON YOUR SPOUSE AND NOT GET CAUGHT. did you hear me? is this seriously the shit that our society is reading these days? not only reading, but DOING?! disgusting. the tips? 1: change your affairees name in your phone book. 2: bang a close employee, not an intern, that way its not suspicious when you two work late. 3: dont date your fling. 4: be reachable, even if its while youre in the middle of cheating. is that enough to get the point across? WHY THE HELL would people publish something like that? is unity and morality seriously THAT DEAD!? now you wonder why im so beyond negative, this is why. right here. i wanted to throw up my gelato that i had just eaten when i read this article. whats even scarier? it was written by a woman. and the sad thing is, is that i would NOT for one second put it past anyone i've dated to read this, and maybe even carry the article in their wallet. sickening. take a look at yourself humanity, look what you have turned into. THIS is the reason why we have no true families anymore. this is the reason why kids getting into porn is not a big deal. this is why women and men are so screwed up and have cracked hearts and heads. this is the reason why God is going to smite us all, like he did sodom and gomorrah. its disgusting, and i want to be as far from it as possible. i refuse to date/trust anyone for...ever.

the other tid bit i noticed is even worse. i was so in the mood to get my hands on some poetry by poe, (just happened to be in a morbid mood last nite, go figure), and i could not for the life of my find the poetry section. as i was walking down the aisles and aisles of the sports and magazine sections, i was starting to wonder if poetry maybe had its own floor. OWN FLOOR?. nope, i found the poetry section, right under the shakespear section, in the back of the massive store, and only about 1/2 of a lower shelf. embarrassing. they had ONE of poe's works. ONE. thats it. they had about 15 books on some baseball and tennis player...but barely any poetry. i finally found some kerouac that satisfied me, but all in all, its sad. whats happening to the world? literature, morality,'s all being shot to hell. sick.

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  1. The Twilight section was bigger than the poetry section. Awesome.