Monday, March 22, 2010

greetings, socialist america

WELL my friends, welcome to Soviet America. if you havent heard already, our wonderful government fell through YET again to help the efforts of saving america, and passed the healthcare bill. congrats you dirtbag democrats, you are ruining our country one bill at a time. now im not going to continue to bitch and moan about how this healthcare bill SUCKS, because you should already know that, but instead im going to focus on nancy pelosi's completely unintelligent statements, and the words of our dear president, barack obama. nancy pelosi thought that it would be a good idea to publically announce on friday that "“Today is the feast of St. Joseph the Worker,” “It’s a day where we remember and pray to St. Joseph to benefit the workers of America, and that’s exactly what our health care bill will do.” well, my genius friend, actually, its the feast day of st. joseph, marys husband, you dumb dumb woman. and, dont try to twist your faith around to suit your political beliefs. youre coming across as an idiot, and nothing more.
obama, my beloved socialist, you did your job as perfectly as can be done, sounding just like a typical politician after the bill was passed. all you did was repeat yourself, contradict yourself, then repeat yourself again. i want to point out a couple of things though, do you notice you keep saying "equality of americans", yet, you keep seperating people into categories? i believe you said..."those without insurace, or oridinary people"....hmmmmm....also, i noticed that you said "after all these bills passed (and what not) WE WILL STILL BE STANDING", maybe you will be, but the 'american people' will have either fled the country, or be dead broke, or ... just plain dead.

pray for our country. pray for yourchildren. pray for your life. america is going to hell.


  1. AGREED. stop grouping us obama, you don't know the half of it. I say we take care of our 12.6 trillion dollar debt first, before we start spending more money..

  2. I had a HUGE exam in school.. I put in hours and hours of studying..and as a result of my hard work I received an "A". The person next to me however put in little effort and received the deserving grade of a "C". My teacher then announced that to make us all "equal" she will give us both C's.. PLEASE America..tell me how this works?

  3. RIGHT!? how is this fair IN ANY SENSE? how is this equal? so the slackers get OUR benefits? how does that make any sense at all???