Monday, March 29, 2010

//synth magic//

okay, so ive been in kind of a really shitty mood recently, and the only thing making me smile lately is music. of course. but not just any music, the type of music that runs through my entire body. the type of music that keeps my heart beating. the explosion of synths in these few songs is abosultely incredible. itll make you stop breathing for a minute, until it just forces you to dance. please let them get into you.

Florence+The Machine-Dog Days Are Over (Breakage Remix)

Tiesto feat. Jonsi-Kaleidoscope

first time i heard this song, i cried. no joke. and its with jonsi, the lead singer of sigur ros, so the iclandic vocals / sythns just eat you alive.

Animal Collective-In The Flowers

all made possible because of

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