Tuesday, December 21, 2010

This is my off season for depression...YAY

(pic by dazed-moneyisabitch.blogspot.com)

MERRRY CHRISTMASSSS BABYYY. One of the only times I'm ever actually happy is in the season of Christmas. Maybe that's why I have seasonal depression...
Anyway, I'm finally home, finals have gone to hell, and I finally can blog ! HipHipHooray.
I spent my first full day at home making cookies with my siblings, fighting with each other, and decorating the house. I am so happy to be home and I don't think I will want to leave my family ever again.
Here's some of my favorite Christmas music, and I hope that you can enjoy it JUST as much as I do.

Trans Siberian Orchestra - Christmas Eve in Sarajevo

I saw Trans Siberian Orchestra last year with the fam, and it was way rad. Orchestral music makes me feel sooo happy and seasonal and makes me want to put on my dancin shoez.

5oh! - Home Alone (Christmas Dubstep)

MERRY DUBSTEP. Home Alone warppp.

Amy Grant - Breath of Heaven

She like...cheated on her husband or something, so it sort of takes away of the innocence of Mary in the song. But it's still totally good.

Charlotte Church - Dream A Dream (Elysium)

Sick orchestra in the background. She burned out but...what can ya do...

Trans Siberian Orchestra - Nutcracker Suite

Nutcracker mashup. Enough said.

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