Sunday, February 27, 2011

Music Set 2

Sarahbeth Tucek - Get Well Soon (Team Ghost Remix)

The beginning of this song sounds like the part in Requiem for a Dream when Harry calls Marian for the first time when he's in Florida. And the rest of the song continues to be amazing. I haven't gotten a chance to listen to the original, but I'm assuming this version is better. I like her voice A LOT.

Slipknot - Vermillion Pt. 2

I'm well aware this song is extremely old. However, I have always been obsessed with Vermillion, and I had actually never heard Pt. 2. Softer, more passionate, and the violins that overthrow everything else is such a splendid touch. And his voice sounds good.

LCMDF - Future Me

I normally don't like music like this, it's far too happy usually, but for some reason I really enjoy singing along to this song. It's a good driving song.
For when I drive my car and all.....

Jamie Woon - Lady Luck

Okay so I posted a Jamie Woon song a couple of months ago, 'Blue Truth' and it ended up being one of my favorite songs for a while. And while I was rummaging through APC the other day, I found like a super acoustic version of this song, he's like...singing in a canoe. Anyway, I found the orig, and low and behold, I fell in love once again.

Radiohead - Give Up the Ghost

I think the anticipation for Radiohead's new album 'King of Limbs' was one of the most severe levels of album excitement I've expressed in a while. And then I got the album. And then my excitement faded. I guess I just always hold high standards for them ever since 'Kid A,' but for some reason this album is just much to mellow for me. But I forced myself to listen to the album everyday since I got it so like a good fan, I would support whatever sound they want to portray. And it kind of worked... There are like 3 pretty good tracks on the album. This being one of them. Enjoy.

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