Tuesday, October 19, 2010

AO - AO: Lewis Wilde

So having Diplo's tweets come up on my feed one time, I saw that he had happily tweeted someone titled AO-AO. I decided to click on this alleged blog, and my...was it to my fancy. I'm always immediately attracted to anyone and everyone who takes the time to put up music that I'm interested up for the world to hear. The blog AO-AO.tumblr.com is based out of Leeds, England, and who is the blog master? Lewis Wilde. I decided to send Lewis an email to have him review and critique my blog, and we eventually started talking blog talk, we became friends, and he agreed to do an interview for me. I was interested in having an interview because I wanted to get someone who's more familiar with music and mixes to talk with. Lewis is absolutely the most inappropriate Brit I have ever met, but in so which it's almost...charming.

What made you want to start a blog?
--I think it's just useful to share everything you like with other people who like similar stuff. Whether that be on a blog, talking to people, social networking sites, anything! The internet's amazing because you can find whatever you want so quickly because of sites and blogs.

Who works on AO-AO with you, and how do you divide up the posts?
--It's mainly just me who does the posts, but me and my brother (Dean) have very similar tastes/styles in music so sometimes he'll come across something or some new artist and I'll blog it! It works really well. The design of the blog is really simple so there's nothing complicated to do!

How do you decide what goes up on the blog - is it for your taste, or what you THINK other people will like?
--It's totally selfish, everything that I like. I think one of the keys to having a decent blog is keep everything authentic. Don't just blog whatever everyone else is blogging. Whether it be an old Pharrell music video, some sick photography or a new artist I dig, I just blog the best things I come across.

How do you get musicians to send you music for AO-AO?
--I always put out my email address everywhere because everyone wants to find decent new music. A dope Chilean producer called Daniel Klauser sent me a track yesterday and it was amazing! I posted it, and I saw it on Discobelle earlier, which is one of the best blogs around. Artists should send there stuff everywhere I think, the wonder of the internet definately.

Do you DJ/Mix tracks yourself - how do you send them out, and to where?
--For me it's just a hobbie, I love DJ'ing with music I love, loud. Dean usually makes the mixes, like the other month he made a sick 'Gypsy Mix' but we haven't really focused on making any monthly mixes and sending them out. We really should!

How often do you go to shows? Do you try to talk to the artist after? Or are you there only to critique the performance and vibe of the crowd?
--I don't go to as many shows as I'd like, because of money! But the best nights always seem to be the ones where your whiling out with friends to awful, cheesy music! I love seeing DJ's live, with different styles. I saw and met Brodinski a while back in Leeds and he was great, just like one big track! A-Trak and Kissy Sell Out also blew my mind when I saw them, mad talent and energy.

What genre most attracts you? What artists are you most into right now?
--Apart from heavy metal, which I just don't understand, I love everything from old jazz like Chet Baker to Rick Ross to Roska. I don't understand people who shut off to anything they've not heard of. In terms of House and Techno music, artists I really love at the moment are; Homework, Savage Skulls, Art Nouveau, Oliver Twizt, there's too many! I've been really hunting hip-hop recently though.

Who excites you most when they drop something brand new?
--Oh there's a lot. I think the Sound Pellegrino releases are always on point, Made To Play is an amazing label, aswell as DeadFish. There's a big scene in France right now with the likes of Manaré, French Fries, Bambounou and the Club Cheval gang constantly churning out amazing releases.

What do you hope happens with your blog?
--I really don't know actually, a lot has happened through doing it in this past year, a lot of networking, and some great perks. It's something I enjoy doing massively.

What do you want to eventually end up doing with music?
--I'd love to eventually run a music management agency, representing artists and sending them and myself all over the world to play shows. That would be the dream. A toned down Ari Gold maybe.

How did you get into such a deep appreciation for music?
--I listen to music ALL the time, everything, so it's bound to have a massive impact. We weren't playing Grade 20 piano at 7 or anything like that, we both just love to play and listen to anything we love.

What kind of concerts/shows/venues get you the most hyped? Whats your favorite scene to get into?
--There's a few crews in the UK that we're good friends with and they're running amazing parties right now; The Kool Kids Klub and Banana. They have that mentality that it's a party rather than loads of people just facing the DJ, which is the best sort of atmosphere to create at a show I think.

Describe your style.
--Personally? Erm, I never buy any clothes and wear all my brothers old shit to be honest. I think if I ever get any money, I'll buy some cheeky garms, shoes and jackets, but until then I'll stick to these second hand Lacoste tee's that are dripping in swagjuice.

Describe your hair. (which i love)
--Thank you! It's evolved due to a fear of conversation at a hairdressers. You both talk shit to each other and leave unsatisfied because they've normally exposed your massive head, so I thought I'd let it do whatever!

How do you feel about the music scene in America? -----Have you ever been to America? Do you want to come?
I've never been to America, I really want to go, to NYC, Philadelphia and Los Angeles. The music scene is amazing in America, obviously the amount of talented Hip-Hop stars coming out of there is insane. Everywhere has a healthy music scene if you look hard enough I think, even Russia and Bulgaria.

Does Jersey Shore make you want to throw up and never visit our country?
--The opposite. I love Jersey Shore, I only know me and a friend that like it though! They might be mega-greasy but it's one of the most entertaining things on UK TV. You have amazing shows though, like Entourage, How To Make It In America, Eastbound and Down, Curb Your Enthusiasm. There's loads!

Lewis and his brother Dean, who mixes for him. Lewis is the one in the grey oxford with the rad hair who strangely resembles Pete Doherty.

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