Monday, October 4, 2010

Hold On, Let Me Sleep on it Tonight

I've been in this really weird soft charcoal mood lately. The calmer more tranquil songs are the move for me right now.

Phil RetroSpector - Sleepwalking for Hours

My friend showed me this one when we were in the library. It is the most beautiful song to listen to alone, because you become terrified of your mind and the thoughts processed while this song is playing in your head. Really magnificent.

Magnetic Man - Perfect Stranger (Benga Remix)

I love Katy B. And she kills it with her voice in this song. The video for the song was released a couple weeks ago, it's really, really bizarre. Maybe I'll upload it later. I suggest a gander towards it...

White Sea - Mountaineer

WINNER. This song is my song for the week! It is the most beautiful song in the entire library of my itunes right now, and it definitely makes me like...emotional or something. It reminds me to love nature, and life.
How cool is the freaking album cover, also??

Unicorn Kid - Wild Life (Blessings Remix)

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  1. Great new tunes as always!!! That album cover is wild. I hope my wife looks that good on her wedding day